Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Projects in Arizona

Well I've been busy since leaving home.  Decided to make some special things for friends and family.  Here's a quick look:

Toile Snowman
  It turned out magnificent and I hope my family loves it as much as I enjoyed making it.  It will be a surprise when they receive it in the mail.

Made this one as a Christmas Aniversary gift.  Photo was taken after it was wrapped in the cellophane bag so you can't see the beuaty and simplicity of it - but it turned out simply lovely.

Single Quiltette Ready to mail


Variety of Quiltettes - Thank you to patinsuffolkuk - on my craftsy site for the ideas and inspiration!

Believe - Rudolph

Believe - Rudolph ......was made as the front. On the back was the letter from Santa to the kids.  Sent in the mail so that they would receive it on Christmas Eve

Letter on the back from Santa

This one - Believe Santa was made for a special little boy who will also receive it on Christmas Eve!