Saturday, October 18, 2014


Embroidered Snowman Doorhanger

Whimsical Coasters - set of 4
Pot Holders - Whimsical Pattern
Christmas Potholders

Tree Ornaments made from scraps of fabric

FABRIC ORNAMENTS - pattern can be found at the original blog: 

Latest Mug Rug Update

Thought I'd post my latest mug rugs sent to the USA for the "My Quilt Place" swap.

July was made from a print I created from a photo and stitched onto fabric 

September - Halloween theme - did up four separate patterns both quilted and embroidered using holographic thread

October - Thanksgiving theme - embroidery and free motion quilting - This set was featured in the on the AQS Facebook page - how exciting!

Monday, September 1, 2014

All Glittered Up!

Decided to name this baby today - Butterfly in my Garden  - an appropriate name considering that's what it looks like.  It was such a pretty piece of embroidery - and then I decided to Glitter it - and I LOVE how it turned out - although the photos don't do it justice - it's a very pretty piece of 3D quilting, embroidery, glitter in my world.......I have a few places for it to hang - but it's still drying and this is the end result and my husband loved it too - his first comment was - wow - 3D........I LOVE it and this one is mine!

All Glittered Up and totally free motion embroidered

Woodsy embellished background and hanging!

Insatiable need to create............

Had a few projects just waiting and today I had this urge to create something rules, just here's what I came up with - It is still a work in progress.  The first photo is the beginning......

It all began with the embroidered butterfly - a symbol of hope - and I then surrounded it with fussy cut flowers to reflect a garden....
I decided to free motion the flowers in layers.........and 3 bobbins and a few hours later - this is what it became:

I'm kind of liking how it turned out so far..........still to come is the embellishment of the butterfly with paint or glitter - will have to think on that one and call it a successful day!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Canada Day Postcard Exchange

How could I forget to write about this - mine went to Marsha Leith in Winnipeg ...... Marsha's came to me:


Received....................the Manitoba Maple - absolutely gorgeous! Thank you Marsha!

.....and this baby is still my FAV

My Momma's Clothes

Had kept a few pieces of my mom's clothes after she passed away - finally turned them into something for me................a lap quilt!

Projects in Progress..................

Some of my works in progress in various stages...............


THE OWL........


Baby things

It's been a while again - as usual - so hard to find the time to update my page and post my projects but here goes:

These were made with white baby flannel, embroidered and then stitched.

1st set

2nd set


Made these for a raffle and a set for a friend..........self explanatory coffee coasters.

Set of 4 quilted coasters

.....and these wall art pieces were made to raffle off throughout the year at the Edmonton Astrological Society

Dove and the Moon

Fairy on the Moon

Remembering Our Veterans

Made this one for the Erin Doyle Memorial Poker run held on 23 August 2014 - It was combined with 5 other raffle items and in total the raffle made approx $1200.  Overall the entire poker run proceeds was over 10K and donated to Wounded Warriors Canada.   A few pics of my quilt.....................

 The entire quilt was quilted in a free motion design so that it would become a used quilt.  It was won by a lovely lady who was so happy to have received it.  I am glad it found a new home.  Many hours in the making.....

Full Front embroidered with Poppies

Center Poppy 
Bottom Closeup


Where Have I Been

Again - I never remember to update my blog so here goes......First up is the Star Block I made to send to Houston - it is my own design - not perfect but here it is in the making.......I will post a completed photo when I download it from the camera........the four points represent the elements - fire, earth, air and water.....the center sun moon is actually a picture of a quilt I made and the outer fabric represents space........

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Astronomical STAR Quilt Block Challenge

I happened to stumble upon this challenge by accident. Astronaut Karen Nyberg who created a star block in space has invited us to make our own and submit them to the International Quilt Festival. To find details about the Astronomical Quilt Block Challenge at the International Quilt Festival you can go to online at or you can download the pdf here:

to view Karen's journey in space here is the link:

and to see the Help an Astronaut Make a Space Quilt Video:

So I challenged myself and designed my own star quilt block!  I had an idea in mind incorporating it with my astrological hobby and finally completed it today!  It's far from perfect and  it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be after I got the design completed ..... but I  am happy  with the way the block turned out after many failed attempts and shall I say LOADS of frustration at paper piecing.  I can certainly say I'm NOT a designer but I do love the blocks I created. They incorporate the four elements, FIRE, EARTH, AIR and WATER. Then I added in a little moon here and there to celebrate Karen's journey to the moon and back.    I'll be keeping one of the blocks for myself and will mail in the STAR I designed. I'll post pictures of my journey shortly!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

AQS Mug Rugs June

Well........Finally done them and I can mail out all three batches - here they are with a Canadian/USA spin!  Pattern for the embroidery can be found at   I  thought they were soooo cute and great for our Canada Day/4th of July celebrations!  Hope the recipients think so too!


The backing was done with Northcott Fabric featuring the Canadian Moose and flag along with an embroidered label which was sent to me from a very special someone in the United States.  It will become a treasured label that I will use on my special quilting projects......and so here it is!


It All Began with This.....

This is where my inspiration began.......One photo of a garden ornament in Arizona!

       And it became a piece of fabric I called Blazing Sun....

Inspiration .....My lightbulb Moment!

Today I decided to try something different for the next SWAP by creating something that is truly "my own".  The SWAP is from the "My Quilt Place" website  is at and the swap is called  SIMPLE PLEASURES MUG RUG SWAP! Monthly theme suggestions can be found here:

For July I have created my own little pieced blocks for Summer Daze.......will post pics as I go!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Another Set of Rugs Done!

Wasn't sure if my first set of May mug rugs would be good enough so I made a second set and will be sending two out this month.  The first one's were done on my old Singer 12 Stitch - both my embroidery unit and it's backup another electronic machine were in for repairs.  Once my Brother unit was ready - this is what I cooked up.  The tulip design is from  the embroidery library.....


FINALLY.....Something for myself

I am always giving things I make away - this one was a keeper for my dining room table....A table topper made with "Sweet Serenade" fabric by Moda.  It looks great on our dark wooden table.  Now to make myself some matching placemats!

April and May AQS Mug Rugs

Thought I'd update my page since returning from Arizona.  Here are the pics of my April and May Mug rugs for the AQS Swap I am currently in.  So much fun to do!

April - Theme was Spring/Flowers

May - Theme is Gardens, outdoors, so I did a set of Iris' and Pansies - both grow in our gardens! Made an extra one for myself but don't know which one I'd like to keep!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ulla's Quilt World

If you haven't discovered this site yet it's absolutely awesome - great tutorials and a superb quilter!  So glad I have found you Ulla!.....

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Made this cute little quilted Apron for my daughter from her wedding fabric that hung in the reception hall.....It is reversible and quilted on the bottom.  The pockets are made of burlap and trimmed with the little flags that were also on her invitations...

Back of the apron -  reversible

AQS Mug Rug Swap

Well it's been a busy few months creating mug rugs for the AQS (American Quilting Society) Mug Rug Swaps - Here's a few of the one's I have created:

 January for exchange in Feb - Valentine's - I created a Series of 4 Fairies with Paper Pieced Hearts

February for March - St Patrick's Day - Two photos of the things I embroidered and appliques a variety of Shamrocks and Sue Bonnet's

March for April - Rainy Day's - Fussy cut Fabric and free motion embroidered along with crystal on top of the umbrellas